Our pizzas can be customised to suit your taste buds. Below is a small sample of our specialty pizzas to get your mouth watering.

Pete’s Wood Fired Pizza Menu

Gully Garlic

Crushed garlic, sea salt, olive oil, grated parmesan

Sand Dunes

Napoli, mozzarella, tasty & parmesan cheese

Field Trip

Napoli, roasted red peppers, mushrooms & cheese. Topped with fresh rocket

Rock Piles

Napoli, cheese, ham & pineapple

The Bay Special

Napoli, cheese, hot salami, roasted peppers, red onion & olives


Basil pesto, hot salami & parmesan. Toppped with fresh rocket


Pesto, roast pumpkin & feta. Topped with fresh rocket and a splash of balsamic vinegar

Head Injuries

Napoli, garlic, hot salami, jalapenos, olives, chili flakes & cheese

The Haven

Napoli, ham, mushrooms & cheese


Napoli, pepperoni & cheese

The Lighthouse

Napoli, ham, salami, spanish onion, mushrooms, cheese and topped with BBQ sauce

Pete’s Gourmet Wood Fired Pizza Menu

Quattro Formaggi

Napoli, mozzerella, parmesan, tasty cheese and bocconcini with fresh basil


Drizzled olive oil, fresh tomato, and fresh basil


Drizzled olive oil, prosciutto, bocconcini & fresh rocket

The Spud

Sliced potato, drizzled olive oil, grated parmesan & dried rosemary

The Urquharts

Hommus, sliced beetroot, feta & crushed walnuts. Topped with fresh rocket

The Smokey

Melted cream cheese, Tasmanian smoked salmon, fresh dill & drizzled olive oil

Eagle Rock

Olive oil, garlic prawns & sweet chilli sauce. Topped with fresh baby spinach

Cherry on Top

Napoli, hot sopressa, olives, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini & fresh basil

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